Fix up. Look sharp.
Amplify the glow.


Fix up. Look sharp. Amplify the glow, underline the character.

On your search for Helsinki's premium hair salon, you're in luck. You just found us.

Dandy is about flash, flair and flamboyance. We weave vogue with clean-cut finesse and combine class with a bit of street swagger. Dandy caters for the discerning client, out for style, grace and personal edge.

Properly playful, daring and always tiptop. Dandy is about priming the appearance, to make an appearance.

Astonishingly compelling & compelled to astonish


Lasten hiustenleikkaus alle 10v.30-45€
Väri & leikkaus137-185€
Moniväri/raidat ja leikkaus145-210€
Olaplex/B3 työn yhteydessä30€
Olaplex/B3 hoitona90€
Kampausalk. 75€
Meikkialk. 75€
pidennysten laitto ym. erikoistyötalk. 75€/h
Afrot ja loksit kysy hintaa
Peruutukset 24h ennen varattua aikaa.
Peruuttamattomista ajoista veloitetaan 70%.

For that what's what & who's who lifestyle

The Dandy

We are Dandy as fuck. A collective of beauticians, a snazzy streetfront shop, more than a studio than a worksite, about everything daring and flaring. We have no profession other than elegance.

We have styled everyone from the grimiest locals to primetime national TV. You know – get your hair did & strike a pose. We're about that.

Have no profession other than elegance


Varaa aika netissä / Online reservation

Muutokset ja peruutukset puhelimitse toimipisteen numeroon, kiitos!

Vaasankatu 11, Harju (Fine & Dandy)
Ajanvaraukset / Appointments: +358 50 598 7687 Varaa aika netissä / Online reservation

Fredrikinkatu 22, Punavuori
Ajanvaraukset / Appointments: +358 45 140 7899 Varaa aika netissä / Online reservation

Tarkk'ampujankatu 14, Ullanlinna
Ajanvaraukset / Appointments: +358 45 265 3636 Varaa aika netissä / Online reservation

Muut asiat / Other inquiries:

Call it vanity if you will. It still makes you want me.

The People

Sumi 45 265 3636
Marko Mä 45 265 3636
Aune 40 163 8885
Maria Väisä 45 265 3636
Vilma 50 598 7687
Katja 50 598 7687
Jaana 50 598 7687
Jonna 45 265 3636
Miguel 50 598 7687
Janne Heikkilä 50 598 7687
Henrik Sippo+358 40 079 1308
Meri Malmi+358 50 505 1422